Welcome to our Webquest

This webquest has been designed as a learning tool for students studying the Cold War, and is best suited for years 10 to 11, or ages 15 - 18. The main goal for this webquest, is to gain an understanding of what the Cold War was, the causes that led to its emergence, and the key leaders and events that occured during the era. You will find that small tasks, which consist of answering basic questions  through the use of further online reseach, have been assigned on many of the pages. Completing these tasks will further enhance your knowledge of the Cold War, so try as best as you can!


On the task page, a final task has been assigned. You can post your answers to the task on the discussion page which your teachers will then mark for you. This way you can comment and compare other students answers and ideas. Have fun with this webquest, and use it to your advantage!