Now that you are familar with the Cold War, and have a treasure chest of websites for further information, it is time to complete the task!


These two tasks should be completed in your own time. Read the criteria sheet, therefore you know what is expected of you!

When you have completed the questions asked, post your answers to the discussion page.


Post Cold War
Now you are aware about what the Cold War was, how it started, and the main events and leaders involved, look at how the Cold War impacted on the Soviet Union and the United States.

Your task is to research the how the Cold War affected BOTH the U.S and Soviet Union. Look at the political, social and economic changes from the commencement of the Cold War, to present day.

Eg. How has the power of the Soviet Union (once a superpower) developed since 1945?

Further to completing this task, analyse the relationship between the U.S and Russia and how it has changed, from the 1990's to now. Is the relationship still hostile? Has anything been done to try and alleviate tension between the two countries?


 Post Cold War Criteria Matrix.docx (72,1 kB)



Analysing Political Cartoons

Political cartoons during the Cold War played an important role in promoting topical issues through satirical means. Through the use of symbolism, caricature, and sometimes pursuasive techniques, political cartoons to put it simply, help people think about politics. Since the mid 19th century, political cartoons have changed the face of history. 


Therefore the ability to analysis political cartoons is a highly important trait for modern historians to have!

Download this document here:

  Cartoon_Analysis_Guide.docx (487,6 kB)


This document will teach you the persuasive techniques that cartoonists use, as well as give you tips on how to analyse cartoons. The document also has the three political cartoons that are below, which you will need to analyse.








Analysing Political Cartoons Matrix.docx (101,3 kB)

* Remember to look at the marking criteria on the matrix, therefore you know exactly what is expected of you! Post your answers on the discussion page under the correct discussion!