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This webquest is designed specifically for grades 10 to 11, or ages 15 – 18. The aim of this webquest is to enhance students knowledge and understanding of the Cold War, its causes, the main events and people involved and the consequences the Cold War has had on the U.S and Soviet Union.


An array of multimedia such as videos and photographs, as well as online games have been incorporated into this webquest, to help engage students with the topic and develop a rich interest in what they are learning.


Students do not need any assumed knowledge about The Cold War to complete this webquest, however an ability to do online research will help them work through the tasks have been set throughout the webquest (as well as the final task which they must complete, and be marked on).


The time frame that this webquest is dependent on how long you, as the teacher decides. It is suggested that this webquest should be used for 4 weeks, and additionally be set for homework. For example, a homework task could be that that you assign the class a specific page.

Eg: Main Leaders > Joseph Stalin 

Students Must

·  Read the content

·  View any links

·  Complete any activities.


Assigning a table to each students, such as the one below, will help you keep track of where each student is, and also allow the students to see what they have/need to complete.


Cold War Webquest.docx (77,5 kB)